Quick IT Guide

What is IT? IT, which is an abbreviation for information technology, is the science of utilizing computers for storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulating data....   Read More

Define Information Technology

Information Technology, IT, is one of the fastest advancing fields in today’s economy. This is because IT is virtually applied in all sectors; from...   Read More

Definition of Information Technology

Information technology can be described as the application of computers to store, transmit, retrieve and manipulate data. It can also be described as the...   Read More

Information Technology Security

First and foremost, it is important to clearly define what information technology security (IT security) is and its general importance to an organization or...   Read More

Computer Information Technology

How Computer Information Technology is Shaping our Future  A recent report on the future of CIT suggests that over the next ten years we...   Read More

Information Technology Definition

Too many times probably you have heard about the word information technology being peddled around and probably even wondered what the information technology definition...   Read More

More About Information Technology

What is Information Technology? Information technology refers to all activities of computing, I.e. creating, processing, storing and transferring any form of electronic data. It...   Read More

What is Information Technology

Information Technology is a set of processes, methodologies (data communications, coding, retrieval, storage, systems control and design), tools and related equipment used to gather, process and...   Read More

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