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The emergence of the internet has completely and utterly disrupted life as we know it! However, that does not present itself as a problem. Looking at many cases we can view this disruption, this shift, as a positive influence. Put that together with the rate at which technology enhances and we have an occurrence as huge as the Big Bang, well in theory. At the conclusion of this paper I aspire to have provided insight into health information technology online schools and what students will gain by enrolling in these schools. I will start by giving an overview of health information technology and why the world needs it. I will follow that with the importance of technology and incorporating it into this field. I will discuss the online learning platform and how it will serve students. Then segmenting into what it takes to thrive in an online course. Finally, concluding with the array of benefits that result from health information technology online schools.

Health and health care will always have a high priority in society. I view health as wealth. This field has a flourishing relationship with technology and innovation. New breakthroughs emerge every day, which propels the information surrounding health. We need progressive leaders in the field to make the most efficient and effective use of new technology for the enhancement of mankind. This technology will not create or maintain itself without the best minds to set forth this process in motion. We must continue to groom the most qualified candidates to further the cause of health. Technology has and will continue to help us facilitate the information shared amongst providers, patients and more!

Now, most people will ask, “why health information technology online schools?” Oddly enough society conditions us to conform to its norms and ways of life. However, I have found the best circumstances happen in life when one does the opposite of what the masses do. In an article for the Huffington Post the president of Ivy Tech Community College, Tom Snyder, stated:

“I strongly believe that the future of higher education lies with online learning. Increasingly, colleges and university students now find themselves with other obligations beyond that of getting a degree. Jobs and family commitments make equal demands on their time. Having the option of taking online classes and studying on their own time is critically important.”

Most businesses have even started to move some if not all of the operations online. Now more than ever people communicate shop and learn online. Think of how often the phrase, “google it” gets tossed around daily. People have gotten unofficial educations through watching “how to” videos on YouTube. So now we move from thinking, “why health information technology online?” to “why not health information technology online?”

Let me start by saying I will not make any promises your future lies in your hands. I encourage people reading this to take control of their lives in all rights and aspects! People across the world have a difficult time taking responsibility. This section will disclose how to win in an online course setting. Those who desire to succeed in an online course need to have an inherent motivation to succeed and preferably for the greater good of humanity. As with a home based business, organization goes a long way. Since the teacher and/or boss does not have a physical presence one’s schedule will boss them around. I mean that in the best and most positive way.

When it comes to health information technology online schools a ton of benefits surface. The person taking the course gets to build on the skill of remaining organized. One will also learn how to indulge in self motivation. Online learning gives students time freedom to choose when to study and do work all the while having the flexibility to live life. I believe it makes students more self reliant which I see a lack of in today’s society. Given the weather conditions students will have the convenience of learning online. I can hear all my commuters cheering for that one! Online courses provide a high level of education while not interfering with life itself. Students already have so much going on between classes, work, family, extra curricular activities and online course will ease the anxiety and stress that comes with it.

Health and healthcare in general play huge roles in the advancement of society. Technology has proven a great aid to furthering the cause of increasing health across the world. We now have breakthroughs like 3D printers and more coming out rapidly. We have a responsibility and civic duty to empower the greatest minds to step into their purpose in the health information technology field. Just think some students get so caught up in life that they leave college and settle into a job that does not fulfill them. If that student could work from home it would allow for the flexibility to manage a busy schedule. Even more importantly, it just takes one person to change the world so we do not want bright students to fall through the cracks! I take a long term vision when looking at the big picture. So we should analyze the benefits of that society will receive 20, 50 and even 100 years down the line.

Today we plant the seeds for many generations to come. Technology in this day and age gives us the power to disrupt normal ways of thinking, acting and even learning. Decades ago people never considered this point. I have an incredible amount of hope and optimism when it comes to the union of health information technology and online schools. This makes learning, knowledge and ultimately education more accessible. Now that student with a ton of upside potential with little to no transportation can fulfill her purpose. The student working two jobs to make ends meet does not have to give up on his dreams. I urge my reader to decide and act by applying for health information technology online schools. Now that student with a ton of upside potential with little to no transportation can fulfill her purpose. The student working two jobs to make ends meet does not have to give up on his dreams. I urge my reader to decide and act by applying for health information technology online schools.

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