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General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) is one of the key business units within the General Dynamics Information Systems and Technology group. The unit is a well known provider of mission-focused IT services to civilian, intelligence and defense agencies as well as commercial customers. The mother company, General Dynamics is a Fortune 100 company that’s been serving the US government for the past fifty (50) years and counting. Over the years, Information Technology (IT) has had a significant effect on how countries in general and the US military in particular has fought and won wars. Being at the forefront of all this, it is no surprise that IT has also significantly transformed General Dynamics.

Through organic growth and outright buy-outs, general dynamics information technology has grown from strength to strength. From way back in 1999 when General Dynamics acquired and integrated 3 core businesses from GTE, namely; Worldwide Telecommunications Systems, Electronic Systems as well as Communications Systems, its growth has been virtually unstoppable. With superb capabilities in land communication and networking, information assurance as well as wider capabilities in decision support, application support and signal processing; the company has grown to become a world leader in these segments. To better reflect the total suite that the business unit presented, it was aptly renamed General Dynamics Network Systems in 2001. After further acquisitions of other companies such as the IT services division of Veridian and Creative Technology Inc in 2003 as well as FC Business Systems Inc and Aenton in 2006, another name change to the current General Dynamics Information Technology (GNDT) was necessary.

In 2008, GNDT acquired ViPS Inc from the HLTH Corporation and in 2011 it acquired Vangent Holding Corp. These well thought out buy-outs led to the growth of GNDT to the level of a Tier-1 level business unit that can not only meet, but surpass the large scale needs and requirements of clients in markets that are highly prioritized in current funding as well as entitlement reform initiatives. It is also worth mentioning that during the same year (2011), general dynamics information technology also acquired NETCONN (Network Connectivity Solutions Corp), a company that was actively providing cloud computing and enterprise services to the US Department of Defense.

GDIT Profile

As earlier mentioned, the company does provide IT, training, simulation, systems engineering and other professional services to clients in the health, local and state government, homeland intelligence, security, federal civilian government and other numerous commercial sectors. The company does achieve this by delivering scalable IT enterprise solutions, managing mission critical, large scale programs as well as providing mission support services to its clients.

With locations in 43 countries and thousands of employees, the company has a deep rooted culture of continuous improvement which is heavily anchored on its employees. In this regard, the company is reliant on the employee’s intimate knowledge of client requirements as well their unique mix of innovation and skill so as to ensure that GDIT constantly and consistently produces the best possible services and products.

Further to the above, the culture of continuous improvement does enforce a shared commitment of consistently looking toward the future and being ready to embrace change. Every employee is thus constantly engaged in finding new ways to not only do things better and faster, but to also do this is in a more cost effective and efficient manner as possible.


Company Mission and Values

The company is fully committed to assisting its clients achieve their mission(s) and meet their goals. In tandem with this commitment, GDITs core values form the principles that define the general behavior of the organization. These values have been used extensively to not only set company priorities but also guide in shaping the organizations strategy. Internally, these principles guide the overall culture of the company whereas externally, they have been very instrumental and fundamental to the success of the business.

These values define how employees interact with each other, with business partners as well as customers. In addition, they also influence day to day decision making. The values and principles that GDIT hold dear include Integrity, Respect, Trust and Teamwork.

The company is usually keen on providing its clients with solutions and services that are affordable, timely, innovative and relevant. In this regard, the company mission of “We make business decisions that are first and foremost based on achieving customer mission success” is not only apt, but also easy to relate with. The company therefore prides itself in performing meaningful work and also assisting its clients achieve their respective goals in service provision to its target market.

GDIT strives to earn clients trust by following through on all commitments it makes to its customers. The company does achieve this by providing high quality services as well as by maintaining honest and open communications with clients, partners and employees. The organizations teamwork tenet is exemplified by adeptly utilizing resources, capabilities and best practices across the company so as to meet client’s requirements. This ensures that all employees contribute to the profitability, growth and efficiency of the company through teamwork and dedication.

The organization does demonstrate respect to clients and employees through professionalism in actions and words. This ensures that the team benefits from its diversity, where their differences contribute to highly innovative ideas, leading to better results to customers. On integrity, the company strives to conduct all its activities ethically and honestly, earning the company accolades as a highly ethical company. This is deeply anchored on all its actions and decisions.

Ethical Practices and Standards

As earlier mentioned, GDIT does emphasize a continued commitment to adhering to the highest ethical practices and standards. The company does achieve this by ensuring that all its employees participate in ethics awareness programs which are designed to ensure that each employee is familiar with the organizations policies that are relative to ethical behavior in dealing with suppliers as well as the disciplinary actions to which the employees may be subject to should they fail to comply or abide by the said standards. The above mentioned standards are established in the company’s policies and are well reflected in the Blue Book (General Dynamics Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct Guide) as well as the Doing business with general dynamics information technology which explain in great detail the high standards and principles that GDIT is committed to upholding as well as what the company expects other business partners to uphold or adhere to when doing business with General Dynamics IT.

GDIT Solutions and Capabilities

With years of experience, the company does offer a wide array of solutions to its clientele. These include but are not limited to the following; Workforce Assessments, Human Capital Risk Management as well as Training and Performance Improvement. In Workforce assessment, the company does offer assessment solutions, assessment development, program evaluation and strategic analytics, technology platforms and integration as well as legal defensibility and EEOC compliance. GDIT does pride itself in having unrivaled experience in assisting businesses to maximize human capital performance while still minimizing risks. The company has over the years offered its clients some of the most researched and highly respected survey and assessment tools which include; The London House System for Testing and Evaluation of Potential, The Campbell ™ Leadership Inventory, The Reid Report ®Risk Assessment as well as the Personnel Selection Inventory.

The organizations multi-mode, flexible technology programs have the ability to ably support highly configurable employee development and applicant screening programs. These undertakings go way beyond items that are related to cyber security, address integrity, criminal conviction history, employee collusion as well as other areas. The company does also provide program and research reporting which include EEO compliance studies, talent and strategic risk analytics as well as program evaluations.

In Training and Performance improvement, General Dynamics IT does enable its clients to successfully drive organizational and individual performance through a wide array of learning solutions. Whether clients are keen on strengthening their leadership bench or desire to roll out a new business initiative or system, or just implementing a new strategy, the company is well positioned to assist clients meet these business and learning challenges.

Over the years, GDIT has been able to design some cost effective and high impact solutions, assist clients manage scope and budget as well as evaluate results. To be exact, GDIT has assisted clients achieve targeted results, these include but are not limited to; fifty eight percent (58%) reduction in inefficient and improper servicing, twenty four percent (24%) decrease in average errors per one thousand transactions, thirty three percent (33%) reduction in training time as well as corresponding increase in speed to proficiency as well as a thirty four percent (34%) boost in weekly core unit profit amongst other improvements. All the above go a long way in proving that the company has been at the forefront of developing award winning learning solutions across a wide spectrum of clients spanning virtually every area of the economy.

The company has also over the years provided human capital risk management expertise to thousands of organizations, helping them adequately address a variety of human capital risk exposures which range from counter productivity, under- performance , misconduct to catastrophic or criminal incidents. In fact, GDIT experts have pioneered dual phase screening models which combine the risk management tools that the company uses with a talent oriented screening process. These assessment solutions have been able to assist organizations maximize profitability and minimize preventable losses by selecting and developing better employees from an early stage.

To be precise, the company does provide validated assessments that are simple and easy to deliver across multi-channel, flexible technology platforms. It does also provide clients with fairness and validation studies as well as assessment research. In addition, general dynamics information technology does also offer program evaluation services, strategic talent analytics, consultative support as well as tailored or custom solutions.

Further to the above, the assessment solutions offered by GDIT assist government agencies and businesses achieve loads of meaningful results such as improvements in the hiring process, heightened increase in employee tenure, service excellence metrics and sales performance. The solutions on offer also ensure reductions in turnover, accidents, cyber security breaches, illegal drug use as well as inventory shrinkage.

Why GDIT stands out from the rest

Fully aware of the highly competitive nature of the market, the organization has succeeded in staying ahead of the pack by not only being innovative but also being eager to listen to client needs and requirements. They also stand out by investing heavily in their workforce; the company does pride itself in having a highly regarded team of Masters and Ph.D level psychologists and other professionals who regularly publish in leading trade and academic journals. These professionals consistently present at industry forums and conferences. Over the years, GDIT professionals have authored more than 1,500 research documents and technical reports on their assessments.

The company does also have one of the largest libraries of pre- validated assessment and survey content, 400+ pre-validated scales/measures and 200+ off the shelf assessments which have been used to support the screening of more than one hundred (100) million employees and applicants for clients over the years. In addition, the company has also developed an enviable customer support system which includes superior program launch as well as program management and client services as well as stakeholder training services.

The company has also invested heavily in a flexible, easy to configure, multi-channel technology systems which assist clients in selection and development of programs. To ensure that there is consistent growth, the company has also developed agile consultative services which are frequently used to build and deliver the correct assessment solution including but not limited to competency modeling systems, job analytic tools, linkage analysis procedures as well as client specific product development to accommodate as a many clients as possible.


To ensure that the company remains at the top of its game at all times, GDIT does maintain a number of professional partnerships and affiliates that not only extend but also complements its human capital risk management mission. These include SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology), ATP (Association of Test Publishers) RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association), SPCP (The Society for Police & Criminal Psychology), IAI (The International Association of Interviewers) as well as APS (Association of Psychological Science) amongst others. The company does also work very closely with some of the leading assessment publishers and authors, technology partners and integration experts.

It is also important to mention that fully aware of the provisions of Public Law 95-507 as amended as well as FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Part 19 which basically establish the requirements for participation in federal contracting opportunities, general dynamics information technology is interested in developing new alliances and relationships with businesses that are committed to delivering stellar services to clients.

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