MBA In Information Technology

Whether a firm provides services or products online or incorporates technology to its day to day operations, professionals are required to bridge the gap between technical performance and executive leadership. A Master of Business Administration in Information technology program provides managers and other professionals with this training.

Earning an MBA in information technology can help you stand out in a rapidly changing business and technology environment. It gives expertise in information technology coupled with a strong foundation in business management, a valuable blend in today’s highly technical business environment. The advanced degree program also offers a unique and special advantage: Knowledge of the latest technology and enhanced financial and analytical skills. The training positions you for a high level career in digital commerce, telecommunications-business and IT management.


Throughout the advanced degree program, you will learn:

The program enables you to plan and execute technological programs at both the organizational and business levels. The curriculum gives you the skills you require to make critical technical and business decisions in a competitive business environment. You will also learn how to:

-Use e-commerce and network technologies to meet an organization’s goals.

-Successfully manage the fast evolving information technology needs of progressive businesses and organizations.

-Understand and integrate information system management technologies.

-Conceive and manage operational steps of IT projects.

-Utilize data communications and telecommunications in a diversified environment.

-Use e-business and digital commerce tools, from architecture to internet tools to security and e-business models to increase productivity.

-Utilize e-commerce for competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Overview of an MBA in Information Technology

At the heart of any Master of Business Administration program lies a curriculum in economics, strategy and business management. However, any business runs on information and in today’s highly competitive world, information is mainly shared through technology. Whether the Info comes in form of robotics productions, data warehouse, or cash register, knowing how to integrate it into a business is essential to modern business. An MBA in information technology incorporates technology knowledge and business management into an advanced degree program.



Master of Business Administration in information technology combines information systems, practices and policies with business courses. Some programs may take only a year to study while others may take up to three years to study.

Business Courses

The core business part of the advanced degree program teaches students essential accounting, business and finance skills. The courses also cover management and leadership skills in the workplace. Possible topics include:



-Analytical decision-making

-Corporate financial strategy

-Leadership development

-International business


Technology Courses

Technology courses in the program concentrate on the best ways to manage employees and IT systems. Students are also taught about utilizing emerging technologies in the workplace for maximum productivity. Possible technology courses include:

-IT project management

-Information security


-Systems analysis

-Emerging technological changes


Career Applications

With a growing number of companies either providing strictly online sales or adding internet presence in their operations, a Master of Business Administration degree in Information Technology gives entrepreneurs, students and managers a better understanding into e-commerce, security and management of people. Starting a new venture requires knowledge available through this program and in the technology based world we live in today, knowing how to plan and execute a system’s structures at the start can lead to a smoother future growth.

Managers can also offer a competitive advantage with an MBA in IT by providing conceptual vision and leading a business to change with technological trends. The program also gives professionals and students a strong foundation in business management skills and a focus in information technology helps them keep their management practices current.


Can I Earn This Advanced Degree Online?

In addition to on campus MBA programs with a focus in information technology, this advanced degree is available online in many accredited institutions. You can complete the course in 2 to 3 years and you will need a strong and regular access to the internet. Communication takes place through emails, chat rooms and discussion boards.


What Are the Admissions Requirements?

Although a related undergraduate training is not necessarily a requirement for an MBA in information technology program, previous work experience and information technology skills are very important. Moreover, because most of the courses include training in applied business principles, you will be best prepared if you have previous training in a business field too. The required work experience is between 2 to 3 years, either in management or IT.

Now to the basics, in addition to submitting an application, you need to have a bachelor’s degree to be considered for the MBA program with a concentration in IT, business or any other field. Also expect to write a statement outlining your work experience and your objectives for the program. Other requirements may include transcripts from colleges you have attended, a professional resume and letters of recommendation.


-Prerequisites-Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a technology or business field or any other field

-Common courses-financial analysis, business law, intellectual property, risk management and operations management

-Online Availability-Yes, the programs are available online.

-Program Length -2 to 3 years


Are Programming skills necessary?

Even though programming skills are not necessary to manage an IT team, they can be very handy when trying to communicate with technical experts. The more rounded your skills are, the more your career will benefit!


Job Outlook in the Field

The United States Bureau of Labor statistics projected information systems and computer management positions to increase by 20 percent between 2015 and 2025, which was slightly faster than average.


Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology vs Masters in Information Technology

An MBA in IT concentrates mainly on the management and business side of IT, while a Masters in IT concentrates mainly on IT. Even though a MS in IT may include some business courses, the focus is much more on the technical aspects of telecommunications, business information systems, software development and decision support systems. An MBA in IT on the other hand will be 90 to 100 percent based on business and management skills.


What Careers Could I Be Eligible for with an MBA in Information Technology?


After earning a Master’s of Business Administration in Information technology degree, you could be eligible for both middle level and upper level management positions with Information technology businesses. You could also work typically for any company that has a technical structure requiring management. For instance, you might be able to work in business to business e-commerce management, hardware management, telecommunications administration, new product development or software management.

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