Medical Information Technology

In today’s world, an important role is being played by the technology in our personal lives and as well as in every industry. Health care is one of the most important industry among all the industries where a crucial role played by technology. All over the world countless lives have been saved and are being saved because of this merger. The disease is treated and cure by the prescribed software that is the specialty the field of medical information technology.

Innovation plays a crucial role and is very important for sustaining health as medical technology is a broad field. In order to improve the health of people a significant contribution has been made by in the areas like the development of medical equipment and devices, information technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and more all around the world. From ankle braces and bandages, which are considered “small” innovations to robotic prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, MRI machines, considered as larger development, a great impact on medicine has undoubtedly occurred.

Finding improved ways of medical practices can be continued by the healthcare practitioners because of the development in the medical information technology. Improved patient care, surgical procedures and better diagnosis can be performed by them due to these brilliant innovations.

Medicine and Information Technology

Significant contributions have been made by information technology to our world, especially in the medical industry. As the use of mobile technologies like smart phones and tablets, telehealth services, and EMR (electronic medical records) are increasing day-by-day; it is benefiting both the patients as well as physicians.

Now with the introduction of medical technology and telecommunication it has become possible for the doctors to connect with their patients who thousands of miles away. This was not possible previously where the new equipment was used by the doctors in the hospitals and private practices only. It is now very common for the patients to send the information about their health instantaneously anywhere in the world to their doctors or specialist. In order to save time and money video conference can be held easily by the patients with their physicians, instead of travelling to that specific location.

Since the use of medical technology is increasing more and more on the job at medical practices and hospitals, the information about the record or history of the patient, research and studies and drug information can be easily accessed merely in seconds. The information is never far away as throughout the day these mobile devices can be effortlessly carried around. The benefits of information technology brought to medicine also contains CT scans and x-rays that help in examining digital information by identifying potential health threats.

Technology of Medical Equipment

New innovations are being integrated into medicine leading to many benefits among which one of the benefits is improved quality of life. The patients are now spending more time enjoying their life in a healthy way and spending less in recovery because of the medical technologies like scanning equipment, providing better comfort, enhanced monitoring systems, and minimally-invasive surgeries.

Robotic surgeries have also been made possible after the integration of telehealth with the medical equipment technology. Hence, the presence of physicians in the operating room is not required while the surgery is being performed. This has led a ‘home base’ clinic for the surgeons and the reduction in travel time and stress related to it for the patients as they can get themselves operated in a clinic or some hospital close to or in their own hometown. In some cases of robotic surgeries the surgeon stays in the operating room with the patients. The robotic devices are operated by the surgeon which leaves the patient with minimal scars and the recovery time is also reduced. Thus a minimally-invasive procedure is provided by the technology.

Medical Research and Technology

For the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and for the development of the new medicines and drugs, testing of new procedures and research are constantly being conducted by the physicians and medical scientists. The search is done to develop medicines so that it can lessen and reduce the symptoms or for the treatment of ailments.

The diseases are being examined at their cellular level by the scientists and for their treatment antibodies are being produced. This is because of the medical research is taking the help of technology. All around the globe, thousands of lives are saved daily from the diseases that are life-threatening like MMR, Polio, Malaria and much more, because of the of the development of vaccines against them. The spreading of diseases has been stopped and in fact, it is estimated by the WHO (World Health Organization) that every year around 3 million lives are saved because of the vaccine. Millions others are prevented from the deadly diseases and from contracting the viruses that can be fatal.

The Law and the Medical Technology

Since the technology is evolving day-by-day around the globe, including the department of healthcare, there is a need for the development of rules and regulations regarding the use of it. The information of the patient should be confidential and this is ensured by the regulations like ‘Privacy and Security Act’ and HIPAA. The privacy is maintained in our digital world due to the steps provided by these regulations. Proper care must be taken by the healthcare administration and medical providers when the new product is about to be implemented in the market.

There is an improvement in the care quality that is being delivered to the patients due to the new innovations by the medical information technology in the industry of healthcare. Better ways are now being provided by the physicians for the improvement of the state of global healthcare. The patients and the medical industry are continuing to be benefited around the world because of the integration of technology with medical telecommunication, surgical procedures and with the disease prevention areas. So, it can be said that the use of the medical information technology has made this world a better place and is helping people all around the world to live a healthy and a prosperous life with their family.

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