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What is Information Technology?

Information technology refers to all activities of computing, I.e. creating, processing, storing and transferring any form of electronic data. It is often used by enterprises rather than for entertainment or personal technologies. The evolution of IT industry dated back to the 20th century and encompassed integrated circuits and transistors. With the cost of devices and energy consumption day by day, the industry has grown to the extent it is today.

The field covers administration, design as well as the support of computer and telecommunication systems. IT involves positions such as network administrators, database, computers support specialists system analysists, computer scientists and software programmers. Most businesses and organizations seek the services of IT specialists to set up and maintain the computer networks to ensure that the systems stay efficient and reliable. They combine the right software and hardware products for efficiency.

Education Information

Aspiring professionals in IT need to have a bachelor’s degree in any technological field such as programming and computers science just to mention a few. However, even without a degree in any of these fields, any experience in an entry-level position could help professional advance with certification or even vocational training. The general fundamentals of an IT degree program include Technical theory, programming, computer hardware, and networking.

Degree programs are offered by most institutions worldwide such as Vocational schools, colleges, and universities. The same institutions also offer certifications. Additionally, there are schools that offer IT programs online which include certificate courses, undergraduate degree programs as well as graduate degree programs.


For IT professionals to show their proficiency in the field of Information Technology, they have to look for certifications which are offered by most software and hardware manufacturers. Additionally, other industry standard certifications that enhance the understanding of general software, communications technologies, and hardware exist. Most employers will favor those who have the certifications. Perhaps, the employees need to have the latest technologies and techniques not mentioning trends. The common specifications include;

-CompTIA’S A+ Certifications

-Cisco Certifications

-Sun-Certified Java Programs

-Oracle Certifications

-Professional IT Certifications.

It is also worth to note that some certifications are tied to a particular vendor or employer.

Information technology software and hardware

Hardware and software are the centers of IT. Hardware is layers of physical devices while software is the operating systems and applications. These are found in laptops, recording instruments and smartphones. IT can also involve methodologies, architectures and the regulations governing the usage and storage of data. Business applications may include databases such as transactional systems, SQL server, email servers and web server among other databases. When these applications are programmed, they execute instructions to manipulate, disperse, consolidate or affect the data for business functions. Servers run these applications as instructed. Also, the servers interact with other servers in the business.

IT allows storage which is the keeping of information as data. Data can be stored in various forms such as telephony, Web data, file data, multimedia and more other forms. Storage involves RAM (random access memory) as well as other things like flash drives, tapes, and hard disks. IT architectures have undergone transition into Cloud computing and virtualization. Clouds may be shared among IT users.

Skills required in IT

Individuals who aspire to thrive in the field of IT need to be critical thinkers and develop solid logical skills. They should also possess other abilities such as communication, listening, professionalism, ad calmness when faced with frustrating users and problems. Network designers such as engineers need to learn the current demands and needs and the growth of users.

Information technology careers

The Information technology industry is extremely diverse. Therefore, IT specialists can specialize in very many fields such as software development, storage administration, application management, network architecture among others. With the business community seeking IT professionals with mixed skillsets. If you want to understand what is information technology even better here are the common IT careers you can pursue;

1). Chief Information Officers: every enterprise has goals; this person ensures that the computers systems ensure that the computer systems are effective to support the goals.

2). Chief technology officer: This person puts in place all the technology goals as well as policies in an organization.

3). IT Director: Ensures that all the tools and processes are functioning. This role is popularly known as It leader or IT manager.

4). System Administrator: This role ensures a smooth multi-user computing environment. This role, however, can be segmented in an enterprise to involve other components such as network and desktop.

5). Application manager: This person manages a high-value business application, for instance, an exchange.

6). Developer: This consist of an individual or a team. They update programs to meet the objectives of the business or enterprise.

7). Architect: The person changes IT functions to suit business objectives.

8). Software developers: These create programing codes for applications and hardware such as operating systems, video games, and device drivers.

9). Network engineers and administrators: Every business needs somebody to design and implement its computer and telecommunications networks. These maintain the LANs (Local Area Networks) and WANs (Wide Area Networks). They also monitor the network security of the organization and prevent the systems against hackers.

10). Computer Scientists: When it comes to developing and designing new hardware, its done by computer scientists. Computer scientists work with other test users and engineers.

With the growth of the field of IT, there is a high demand for the above positions. There are other careers, but these are just the paths.

Employment and salary information

A report released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the occupations the field of IT is expected to grow rapidly between 2012 to 2022 overall. Besides, computer scientists can expect a 15% growth in employment opportunities within the stipulated duration. They earned an average salary amounting to $102,190 as recorded in 2012 based on the report release by BLS. Additionally, the report also proceeds that the network and system administrators would see a 12% increase in job availability and a salary amounting to $72,560 in 2012. For the system and software developers, their jobs were expected to grow by up to 22% during the range of time. Applications developers earned a salary of $90, 060 and the average salary for the persons who programmed systems software was said to be $99,000.


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